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Our Slogan

Wisdom Prosperity Destination


Through Our Soft Skills

  • MSS001:Vision Establishment ($500)
  • MSS002:The Art of Thinking ($500)
  • MSS003:Goal Setting ($500)
  • MSS004:Social Media Skills ($500)
  • MSS005:English Communication Skills ($500)
  • MSS006:Emotional Intelligence ($500)
  • MSS007:Self Confidence for life ($500)
  • MSS009:Learning by Doing (LbD) Program ($500)
  • MSS008:Think Rich-Grow Rich ($500)
  • MSS0010:Stress Management ($500)
  • MSS0011:Leadership Skills ($500)
  • MSS0012:Presentation and Interview Skills ($500)
  • MSS0013:Real Estate & Nagociation Skills ($500)
  • MSS0014:Global Citizenship Concept ($500)
  • MSS0015:BlockChain/AI/Cloud/Computing/Training ($500)
  • MSS0016:Real Estate Management Training/business Opportunity ($500)


Through Our Projects


Through Our Free Services

Our Team

Dr. Vivek Bindra

Rao Muhammad Akram Shahid

Founder & CEO - The Mentors

Prof. Rao Shahid is a travlers, entrepreneur, eductionist and internationally renowned Life coach / Life skills trainer:
He also acts as a "CONSULTANT" for study abroad.He offer franchise for educational oragnizations in all districts of Pakistan. He has taught & trained thousands of individuals and group in Dubai, Malaysia, Qatar, Netherlands & Pakistan. He is Founder of Rao Foundation.
He Holds Master Degree in Educational Leadership and Management and English Literature and Langauge.
He is an author of 5 books Latest one is "The Road Map to Success"

Dr Adnan Sami

Dr.Adnan Sami

Director Wellness & Physiotherapist
Dr.Ramsha Rao

Dr.Ramsha Rao

Director Health
Dr. Jayshree Vyas in Bada Business

Muhammad Danial Rao

Director Real State & Finance
Dr. Jayshree Vyas in Bada Business

Ahmad Rao

Director Digital Media

Imran Iqbal

Sale Director

Sayed Ammar Bukhari

IT Manager

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